About Us

Our Process

1. Is your immune system at risk? Are you ready for a change in your well being? Are you hungover?

2. Call Remedy to at 239-935-5292

3. If you can’t come to us, we will go to you

4. Our licensed Hydration Specialists
are ready to provide you with your IV!
Simply choose your Remedy!

5. The treatment is virtually painless
And only takes 15-30 minutes

6. Within minutes you are feeling great, Ready to enjoy your life
to the fullest!

Services Areas

We service both Lee County and Collier County. Our Lounge is open from 9-6pm and our concierge service is available from 9-10pm. 7 days a week.


Our Team is committed

to your well-being

Dr. Jean-Jacque Vel

Medical Director, Founder

Lexie M. Hoffman PharmD, BCPS

Lead Pharmacist, Co-Founder

Joshua M. Fry, APRN

Operations Manager, Co-Founder